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My Favorite Show at the Festival Fringe

Chlamydia and Calamine Lloyd-HaemhorrageAs I mentioned yesterday, Ted and I were in Edinburgh for the Festival Fringe. We saw The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, a standup comic who described his adventures in minimum wage, and a play that took place in an elevator. Ted’s favorite was a peripatetic performance of Macbeth. He also enjoyed that feel-good classic, No Exit.

While Ted looked into the abyss with Sartre, I saw The Congress of Oddities, in which formerly conjoined twins Chlamydia and Calamine Lloyd-Haemhorrage pay a visit to the Victoriana Society to reminisce about their days as sideshow freaks. Fringe first-timers Margaret Cabourn-Smith and Zoe Gardner offered a delightfully original mix of the comic, the absurd, and the grotesque, and I absolutely luved it. Anyone who knows Sarah Hand will realize that I thought of her throughout the show, but, when the sisters botch their grisly signature act for the last time and a dying Calamine gasps, “Chlamydia, let's never be modern again,” I really wished Sarah was there.

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