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Long, long ago, back when he was in college, my friend Rob had a roommate named Blackie who worked at a photo lab. As is the case with all kids who work at photo labs, Blackie would occasionally bring home his own prints of particularly choice photos, most of them naked. Everybody’s favorite was a picture that came to be known as “The Man of the House”: a short, squat, hirsute, middle-aged gentleman, quite cheerfully naked.

Dirty FOUNDThat’s just the kind of thing you’ll find in the pages of Dirty FOUND—that kind of thing, and stuff that’s even better. If you’re familiar with FOUND Magazine, you have to know that, over the years, the editors have collected an abundance of nasty, naked, raunchy material—bad poetry and photos and drawings too lewd for the pages of their publication. Now, at long last, they’re sharing this profanity with the public. Dirty FOUND is an adults-only archive of serious perversion and weird smut. No less an authority than John Waters describes it as “art-filth folk art that proves that everybody’s sex life is secretly touching.” It’s just been released, and it’s already getting excellent press. Playboy’s favorite find? “An anti-masturbation contract signed by ‘Tony’ and discovered in a Kiss record sleeve.”

While I make free with the critical opinions, I pretty much never recommend anything without reservation—I stopped doing that after several people were actually angry at me for suggesting they see Magnolia—but I’m pretty sure you should order Dirty FOUND right now.

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