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The Wedding Mix CD: A Defense

Yesterday’s SundayStyles contained a rather opinionated little piece on the now-ubiquitous wedding-reception favor, the mix CD. I realize that, when one receives such a favor, the critique of the happy couple’s musical taste is more or less inevitable, but it’s also kind of bitchy, and to turn such an exercise in hipster snark into a full-length article seems like a bit of a stretch.

Jessica & Ted: The SoundtrackOf course I am feeling defensive because my husband and I made CDs for our own nuptial festivities, but I also feel that, as wedding-related offenses go, giving one’s guests a mix CD—even if it’s pure crap—is fairly benign. And, as this article points out in one of its few positive statements, music tends to be more interesting to most grooms than, say, outfits, flowers, or fingerfoods. Certainly, this was the case for my betrothed and me. Not only did Ted comb through his own vast record collection looking for songs, but he spent weeks searching the web for previously undiscovered gems.

I am not going to explain why our CD is awesome, because such a judgment is, obviously, entirely subjective and, anyway, I am biased by sentimentality. However, I will say this: I believe that every American home should have a recording of Elvis singing “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” and our guests now do, and if our mix inspires anyone to seek out more Big Star or dust off her old Madness records, then our CD is a success.

A closing observation: The author of the piece notes that the mix CD has replaced Jordan almonds as the must-have wedding treat. If even a single guest appreciates the CD, that will surely exceed the number of guests who would have enjoyed the Jordan almonds.

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