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Adolescent Lust on Primetime TV

Seth and SummerGoodness! What a relief to see Seth and Summer making out, if only for a moment. I was really starting to worry about those kids—Ryan and Marissa, too. They never seem to have sex anymore. I mean, they barely even touch each other. All they do is go on double dates and have hissy fits.

It’s not that I have a prurient interest in watching youngsters gettin’ it on. It’s just that their apparent abstinence this season was starting to feel either sad or bogus. I mean, when I was in high school, all my boyfriend and I did was mess around. Seriously. If his mom was at work, we would stay at his place. If his mom was at home, we’d take my Chevy Impala—big backseat—somewhere and park. Sure, we’d surface sometimes for a snack or, maybe, to go see a show or something, but sex was basically all we did.

I was contemplating this in a message to my pal Griffin, and it occurred to me that, with a couple of exceptions—Steve and Clare—the kids on 90210 were strangely sexless, too, unless sex was a plot point. Maybe it’s that the writers of teen dramas think that emotional Sturm und Drang and social intrigue is more compelling than hearty adolescent lust. Or maybe they’re too old to remember what it was like to be young and insatiable.

Dunno. But here’s what I do know: If Seth and Summer are going to forego the carnal free-for-all that is college, they really have got to start doin’ it again.

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