> Wedding Reception: Cocktails

Working the Door
Griff, Rebecca, Tia, and Scott
Tia, Scott, and Rob
Rachel Plays Pool
Ted Consults with Erik
My Dad Plays Pool
Craig Plays Pool
Ted Consults with His Wife
Ted Plays Pool
Me and Scott
Jen, Rob, and Bob
Kim and Eric
Me and Griff
Hugging Ruth
Rachel with Cigarettes, Nellie with a Camera
Rachel and Me
Rachel and Kendra
Rachel Takes a Shot
Ted’s Mom and My Mom
Ted’s Aunt Eleanor and His Mom
Ted’s Brother Scott and Scott’s Wife Jen
Rob, Me, and Sarah
Me and a Bottle of Gin, with Griff
Kelly and Rob
Jernigans Love to Dance
Grandma Reecie and Her Youngest Son Take to the Dancefloor
Grandma and Dad Cannot Resist James Brown
My Grandma and Me, Dancing to Sweet Soul Music
Me and Grannie, Dancing by the Light of the Cigarette Machine
Dancing with Griffin
Katherine Cracks Up
Bryn Mawr (Wo)men, and the Women Who Love Them
I Am Doubled-Over with Laughter
Lil’ Smokey
Women’s College Women (and the Women Who Date Them) Are the Most Beautiful Women in the World
Dancing with Griffin
My Parents
Uncle Joe, Aunt June, and Dad
Kiss the Groom