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And Now, These Headlines

Clay Shirky offers the most intriguing—and, in my opinion, most likely—analysis of the gulf between Howard Dean buzz and Howard Dean votes. For one thing, Shirky argues, most of the buzz was about the buzz, not about the candidate. And the buzz itself might have been the problem:

We know well from past attempts to use social software to organize groups for political change that it is hard, very hard, because participation in online communities often provides a sense of satisfaction that actually dampens a willingness to interact with the real world. When you're communing with like-minded souls, you feel like you're accomplishing something by arguing out the smallest details of your perfect future world, while the imperfect and actual world takes no notice, as is its custom.

Check out Shirky's article, and then vote Peabs.

In other news, I knew my fiancé was a teacher. I had no idea that he's also a terrorist.

And, finally, this fucking sucks.

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