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I'm #1!

Let the champagne flow: I am now the Google-sanctioned representative of all Jessica Jernigans.

How I have waited for this day! One of the first things I did when I first went online back in 1998 was search for myself. I was appalled to discover that, not only was I not the only Jessica Jernigan in the universe, but I wasn't even the most popular. It was a staggering blow to my sense of self, and I have been monitoring my climb up the search rankings ever since.

For quite some time, the top Jessica Jernigan was a violin teacher in Indiana. She dominated the search engines, while I languished as outdated phone numbers. Slowly but surely, though, I have been building my web presence, and once I started this blog, I was determined to take it to the top. I reached the #3 slot at Google without too much effort, but it took weeks to displace a couple of my Amazon Listmania! lists. I don't know what link where gave me the final push, but, upon Googling myself this morning, I discovered I had finally made it.

I do know that I didn't do it alone. As I celebrate this momentous day in the history of my ego, I would like to thank some of the people who made this virtual achievement possible.

  • I wouldn't have been able to do this without some major love from Uncle Grambo of Whatevs (Dot Org), the blogosphere's preeminent source for saucy media commentary, prescient celebrity gossip, and photos of underage starlets. Uncle Grambo, you are the wind beneath my wings.
  • I've also gotten a considerable amount of traffic from two Friends of Whatevs. The Real Janelle is a glimpse into the day-to-day existence of a very charming lass with excellent taste in music. So Sayeth the Peabs has become the headquarters for Obvs in 2004. Peabs's campaign diary offers a fascinating, intimate look at national politics in this contentious election year.
  • Mock Turtle Soup is the online home of my favorite student ever. It's also a great place to find really creepy Japanese art.

Finally, I would like to thank the fine people at Cup of Chica, Prolific.org, Body Glitter is Sooo Five Years Ago, The Lengli Blog, Chip's Spynotebook, and 905life for their generous linkage.

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