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A Long Weekend with Sarah Hand: Day 1

If you know Sarah Hand, you can imagine how much I was looking forward to her visit. It was a month ago today that I picked her up at the airport. Yes, it was only a month ago, but it feels like so much longer. Why? Because being with Sarah Hand is so much fun that it kind of makes everything else seem like it sucks.

March 5
I noticed two things immediately as Miss Hand came sashaying towards the baggage claim carousel: her hair looked fantastic, and she was wearing pants. Her beautician is kind of a genius—once, when I was in Virginia with bangs that were too long, Charlene gave me a quick trim that utterly transformed my whole head—and Sarah has been in the zone, tonsorially speaking, for a couple of years now. The pants, though: they were new. Like many of the women I know, Sarah had a brief overalls period, but she is, for the most part, a gal who wears skirts—not just skirts, but homemade skirts with vintage slips underneath. (I hope Sarah doesn't mind me mentioning her unmentionables, but, seriously, it's not like everybody doesn't know already.)

Out-of-town guests always give us an opportunity to take a fresh look at our surroundings and, while preparing for Sarah's visit, I discovered Haberman Fabrics in Royal Oak. The store bills itself as "Michigan's Finest Fabric Store," and, having been there, I have no reason to doubt this claim. Sarah was deeply impressed with the quality of their grosgrain, and she bought yards and yards of silk ribbon. I got some stretchy silk—why it took us, as a species, so long to think of 2% Lycra I shall never know—and spent some time looking at bridal fabrics. I'm not having a wedding, but I am having a reception, so there will be some opportunity to dress up. I was glad to have Sarah there not just because she would be one of my bridesmaids if I were having such things, but also because she talked me down when I was on the verge of buying some fabric that cost $150 per yard. It was silk organza, with maribou trim. I'm not sorry I didn't buy it, but it was hot.

While in Royal Oak, we had a late lunch/early supper at Inn Season Cafe. I had a portobello burger. Sarah had some variety of burrito. It was pretty tasty all around.

On the way back to my place, we stopped at the Big Ten Market for wine, cheese, and chocolate. I don't rememeber what wines we bought—whatever was not very expensive and had a pretty label—and I picked up a Flyer Gold Plane No. 5 bar because, after years of bitter-European-chocolate snobbery, I have rediscovered the simple sweet splendor of good ol' milk chocolate. Sarah got some hard, fruity, nutty Spanish cheese, the name of which I never quite caught, and I got some Humboldt Fog, a California cheese so good that, just writing about it, I am a little bit sad not to have any right now. A trip to Kroger for a few items the Big Ten couldn't supply—saltines, Coca-Cola, and fashion magazines—and we were ready for my sofa and whatever cable TV had to offer us.


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