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Orange Blossom Cream Ale

So, I spent most of this week in a class called Fundamentals of Effective Leadership. I did not choose to take this class—it's required of all managers in my company. My level of skepticism upon entering was high, but, since I had to do it anyway, I tried to maintain an open mind, and I did end up learning some useful techniques and concepts. For example, I like to work on my own, without a lot of structure. Basically, I like to be left alone, and this is not really an ideal characteristic in a supervisor, particularly when some of my supervisees work best as part of a team and like to have clear guidelines, procedures, etc. It's good for me to remember this, and to know how to work with people who have different needs and styles.

On the other hand, my greatest fear going into this class was, in fact, realized: there was role-playing. My interest in the lively arts ended in 1989, when I was cast as one of the old ladies in Arsenic and Old Lace. I had my heart set on being the ingenue. Yes, Aunt Abby was a big role and a much more interesting part, but who prefers hag drag and clever lines to a pretty dress and a leading man? As an editor of customer-facing content for a major bookstore chain, it never occurred to me that I would ever be forced to spend several days pretending to be surly sales clerk or a supervisor trying to console a sobbing employee.

Orange Blossom Cream AleAnyhoo, by the time training ended yesterday, I was exhausted, and really looking forward to my post-work drink. Since it was a glorious 80 degrees outside, I decided to finish off my 6-pack of Orange Blossom Cream Ale. I bought it because the label is so pretty, but I liked drinking it, too. I should point out this beverage is to beer as wine coolers are to wine. It's a slightly hoppy alcopop, kind of an orange Hostess Cupcake, but liquid and intoxicating. The label says that it has orange flower water, orange peel, and honey in it, and I could taste them all. It's a pleasant orange flavor: not too sweet, slightly bitter, slightly tart. It goes very nicely with hot weather and a reclining lawn chair, and it really takes the edge of when one is suffering from Post-Role-Playing Stress Syndrome.

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