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Itinerary for My Last Day as a Single Woman

9AM Get up. Drink coffee.

9AM–11AM Lounge around the house. Eat something.

11AM–1PM Paint nails. Paint toenails. Shower. Get dressed.

1PM Do the dishes. Clean the bathroom. Tidy up the living room.

2PM Pick up suit from dry cleaners.

2:30PM–3:30PM Get a massage.

3:30PM Buy bottle of wine.

4PM–5PM Take bottle of wine to backyard. Drink wine. Contemplate my life so far.

5PM–5:30PM Try to think of crazy, madcap single-gal activities in which I might engage for the last time ever.

5:30PM Come to the conclusion that there's nothing I really want to do that I can't do with Ted.

5:31PM Feel very, very lucky. Realize that I've never been happier than I am right now.

5:32PM–12AM Cook some dinner. Watch TV. Continue to wonder at my incredible good fortune.

12AM Go to bed. Find sleep difficult because I'm just so excited to be marrying Ted.

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