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Wednesday Morning Shoe Report

Something Blue

I've spent a lot of time looking for shoes to wear when I get married. My search narrowed once I decided that I wanted my shoes to be my something blue, but, still, there were a lot of choices. I thought long and hard about some Marc Jacobs peep-toes before I decided that they were just too fancy for the rather casual summer suit I'll be wearing to the courthouse. Also, they cost approximately a trillion dollars—not a deal-breaker, exactly, but something to consider.

Last Friday, I was reviewing my research when I rediscovered a sassy but demure, stylish but free-wheeling pair of kitten-heel thongs. I had completely forgotten about them, but, upon further consideration, they seemed like just the shoes I was looking for. Also, they cost about 1/10 of the Marc Jacobs shoes I'd had my eye on. (Having recently spent much of my fiancé's money on a variety of nuptial items, I liked the idea of exhibiting my frugal side). I ordered them from Zappos (They gave me expedited shipping for free, thus making a good deal even better).

They arrived yesterday. They're very cute shoes, and I'm quite pleased with them.

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