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Wednesday Morning Shoe Report

Van's Classic Slip-on, Women's Limited Edition Spring 04, Arrow pink/white skull/crossbones check

I luved these shoes from the first moment I saw them. I didn't have the cash to buy them at the time, and I was overwhelmed with the anxiety of delayed consumer gratification—not just the angst of not having what I want as soon as I want it, but that pain coupled with the intense fear that the object of my desire might no longer be available when the necessary funds materialize.

While I waited for some disposable income, I was occasionally afflicted by moments of doubt. What if these shoes were just a goofy impulse? Were they much too cute for a woman over 30? What if I bought them, only to wear them once and then condemn them forever to the back of the closet? What if I wasted $35 that could have been spent on makeup, art supplies, or booze?

Even as I vacillated, I monitored the availability of these limited edition shoes. I panicked a little when they were backordered at Delia's, and breathed a sigh of relief when they were still available on the Van's website. One glorious paycheck Friday, feeling fiscally flush and free-wheelin', I placed my order.

While I have made many ill-advised, poorly considered purchases in my day—I am easily beguiled by glitter and other shiny surfaces—I'm totally glad I trusted my gut in this instance. I wear these sneakers all the time. They're perfect: the pink death's heads are menacing, but adorable—they appeal to my inner punk-rock teen, but with a wink. And I had forgotten than Van's are actually as comfortable as they look. Truly, I heart these shoes.

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