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Wedding Album: Picnic

Around the Picnic TableThe Bride and GroomAround the Picnic Table
In addition to being Thanksgiving—the first one I will be celebrating in my very own home—Thursday is my fivemonthiversary. I am marking this seldom-recognized marital milestone by posting photos from my wedding reception. Today, I begin with the picnic portion of the Jernigan-Clayton nuptial festivities.

Ah, what a wonderful time it was. I discovered that the most amazing thing about weddings is that people from all parts of one’s life come together in a big, happy, nearly-surreal swirl. It’s amazing and delightful, and, really, it’s too bad that it doesn’t happen more often. Thanks, again, to all my friends who made the trip to Ohio to be with me and Ted. Every time I look at the photos, I am filled with gratitude all over again.

Also, the food was good, and I got to wear a skirt with a bustle.

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