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“Bosoms Have Gotten So Big”

Town ShopOn a recent trip to New York, I had two goals: I wanted to see the Aztec show at the Guggenheim, and I wanted to buy some bras at the Town Shop.

I first learned of the Town Shop on NPR, on an installment of Radio Diaries. “We know your size”: this is the claim made by the Town Shop, and this is the reason I’ve dreamed of visiting it. I’ve been buying bras in 36-D for almost twenty years, but I’ve long suspected that this is not my actual size. Indeed, finding bras that seem to fit is such a nightmare that my own sister refuses to go bra shopping with me, and my mom agrees to it only under duress.

My host in New York—Griffin—is a man, and I was fairly confident that he would not be interested in a trip to the Town Shop, so I asked his girlfriend to go with me. As it turns out, Rebecca bought her first bra at the Town Shop, and she was quite willing to make a return visit.

I had imagined that the Town Shop would be a small, dark space, and that I would be fitted by a tiny Jewish woman with a tape measure. I was wrong on both counts. The Town Shop is fairly spacious for a Manhattan boutique, and it’s bright and open. I was helped by a tall, slender, gorgeous black woman with a cockney accent, and she didn’t need a tape measure to size up my bust. She cast a quick, cool, professional eye on my bosom, and started bringing me brassieres to try on.

34-DDD: This, apparently, is my true size, and it’s not a size I am likely to encounter anywhere outside the Town Shop. Rebecca also discovered that she has been wearing the wrong size, and we both learned a little something about the proper way to apply a push-up bra.

It’s a bit too early to say that my visit to the Town Shop has changed my life, but I can say that I am thoroughly enjoying the bras that I bought there. Never has my bosom been so comfortably encased.

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