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Your Good Deed for the Day: Save the Supreme Court

So, here I was, just sitting here waiting for Rehnquist to resign and for O’Connor to become the next Chief Justice, when the lady up and quits herself. Given that her boss is, indeed, expected to drop any day now, that means that young Master Bush will be placing two—yes, two—new judges on the Supreme Court.

I would like to take a moment to point out that, when I was trying to dissuade friends from voting for Nader—remember him?—I predicted that this would almost certainly come to pass.

Even though justices are appointed, not elected, we can all play a role in determining the new shape of the Supreme Court. Luckily, with the Interweb, taking an active role in your government is easier than ever! Get informed: With just one click over to Planned Parenthood’s Court Watch page, you can get the lowdown on potential nominees and learn how to make your voice heard. If you’re particularly worried about what W’s appointees might do to reproductive choice, you can join the Save Roe team right now.

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