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Mommy Lit in SundayStyles

Myself, I’m really looking forward to Shopaholic & Baby, and not just because I’m so grateful I got to use the phrase “shopping for two” when I blurbed it for one of my copywriting gigs. I also happen to like Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood): She has a winning naïveté, like Candide with outfits.

This is about as far as my interest in Mommy Lit—Chick Lit, minus Jimmy Choos and plus Bugaboos—goes, but I did enjoy Lizzie “Old Hag” Skurnick’s introduction to the genre in today’s New York Times. I have to agree with a few of her informants who suggest that Mommy Lit smells a little bit like the invention of a publishing house’s marketing department, rather than an organic, author-driven movement. And I also agree that mommy bloggers (ahem) make the genre redundant. I will add that, since I became a mommy myself, I am much more likely to spend my disposable income on baby Uggs and funny little hats than candy-colored fiction.

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