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My Contribution to the Urban Dictionary

Every time he contemplated all the cryptic little icons on his cell phone’s screen, Walter was so overcome by Featureschmerz that he couldn’t even place a call.

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Bill Maher v. Breastfeeding Babies

Bill Maher is a dick.

Just in case you haven’t heard, Bill Maher is an ass. I’ve always kind of suspected, and his recent rant against breastfeeding mothers made it pretty freaking clear. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can watch some video here (the relevant bit begins around 3:15). Jessica at Feministing, to pick just one voice from the blogosphere, does a pretty good job of describing why Maher’s objection to public breastfeeding is sheer dickery, and, over at Gloob, I discuss his assishness in a more general fashion.

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Thrift Scores for Week Ending September 8

Toy Accordion: $4

Vintage Halloween Candles (Witch, Owl): 25¢

November twenty-six, nineteen hundred sixty-three by Wendell Berry, designed and illustrated by Ben Shahn: 25¢

Bolt of Vintage Fabric (Aqua Chiffon with Chenille Dots): $6

Barkcloth Apron: $1

Vintage Soup Bowls: $2

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