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Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

Recently, I decided that it was about time to introduce my daughter to homemade ice cream, but I really didn’t want us to get into the habit of eating a fat-filled dessert every night. I thought about sorbet, but Frances does not believe in fruit-for-dessert, and I didn’t expect that she would go for fruit of the icy variety, either. For Frances, dessert means chocolate, so I went looking for chocolate frozen yogurt recipe.

I did not embark on this search with enthusiasm. In my experience, frozen yogurt is the sad thing you eat when you want ice cream but don’t want the fat. As I searched, though, I wondered if using Greek yogurt might make a difference, et viola! I found this post at Chocolate & Zucchini.

I trust Clotilde Dusoulier, and her informative description of her recipe was quite convincing. So, I gave this recipe a try.

Oh. My. God. This frozen yogurt isn’t just good for frozen yogurt. It might be the best frozen chocolate confection I’ve ever had. So rich and creamy, with a subtle tartness to balance the sweetness. It reminded me of chocolate-cream cheese frosting, or the batter for a chocolate-buttermilk cake.

A couple of notes: Being that I live in a small town in the middle of Michigan, rather than Paris, I do not have access to fresh yogurt from a Greek market, so I used Fage 2%. Also,  the chocolate I purchased for this recipe was candy bar with 80% cocoa, and not being exactly sure what qualifies as “bittersweet”, I did not add the sugar all at once. I think I used about 100 grams instead of 120, taking into consideration Clotilde’s reminder that the sensation of coldness in the finished product would diminish the sensation of sweetness.

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Bitch: The Action Issue

Bitch: The Action Issue

Check out my review of Women, Food, and God in the latest issue of Bitch. Or, don’t check out my review of Women, Food, and God, but do check out the latest issue of Bitch.

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Happy Mother’s Day


Mothers are hardest to forgive.
Life is the fruit they long to hand you,
Ripe on a plate. And while you live,
Relentlessly they understand you.

—Phyllis McGinley

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