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Beauty Review: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur in 1 Le Rouge

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur in 1 Le Rouge In the photo, her grandmother was wearing a New Look dress and laughing. As far as she could remember, she had never seen her grandmother wearing anything other than polyester slacks and permanent-press shirts. It was hard to imagine her in Dior—and it was definitely Dior. She must have gotten it during the brief period she worked at the department store downtown, right before she got married and had her first baby.

The photo was black-and-white, of course, but she could tell that her grandmother was wearing red lipstick. The dress was long gone, and she knew that she, herself, would never own anything like it. She thought that she might be able to capture a little of her grandmother’s glamour with the right lipstick, but the right lipstick was devilishly hard to find. Every shade she tried was too pink, too orange, too brown, too… something.

Then she found Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur in 1 Le Rouge. This was it. This was the perfect red. She put it on, looked at herself in the mirror, and—for just a second—she saw her grandmother smiling back at her.

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