> Dramatis Personae



Name Ted Clayton
Place of Residence Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Astrological Sign Capricorn
Significant Other Jessica Lee Jernigan
Pet(s) Miu Miu and Miss Piggy
Vocation Teaching

Favorite Book(s) The Politics by Aristotle
Favorite Record(s) Blood on the Tracks by Bob Dylan
Favorite Movie(s) To Kill a Mockingbird
Favorite TV Show(s) The Simpsons, Family Guy, Arrested Development, Futurama
Favorite Food(s) Any of Jessica’s tasty treats
Favorite Beverage(s) Diet Coke, Strawberry Crush, the blood of my enemies

Turn-on(s) Jessica
Turn-off(s) Christian evangelical fundamentalism

You’ve known Jessica Lee Jernigan since April 18, 2002
How you know Jessica Lee Jernigan She answered my personals ad
Why you like Jessica Lee Jernigan She answered my personals ad. Besides, what’s not to like?
Why Jessica Lee Jernigan likes you I don’t look a gift horse in the mouth

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