> Dramatis Personae



Name Sarah Hand
Place of Residence Richmond, Virginia
Eye Color Bluey-greyish
Hair Color Reddish
Astrological Sign Aquarius
Vocation Having it all

Favorite Book(s) The Sun Also Rises
Favorite Record(s) Blacklisted by Neko Case
Favorite TV Show(s) 7th Heaven, Law & Order: SVU
Favorite Food(s) Shahi paneer
Favorite Beverage(s) Coca-cola, St. Brendan’s Irish

Turn-on(s) Sewing machines, unexpected gifts, sloth
Turn-off(s) Unenthusiastic people

You’ve known Jessica Lee Jernigan since 1994
How you know Jessica Lee Jernigan Edward McKay’s
Used Books

Why you like Jessica Lee Jernigan She’s the best
Why Jessica Lee Jernigan likes you I’m the best

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